APR welcomes Bill

On Sunday, October 13th we welcomed another bird to our flock. This time is was a beautiful Senegal Parrot named Bill. He came to us from Montgomery Alabama from a couple who could no longer give him the attention he needed due to changes in their work and travel requirements.

Bill had quite a cute story attached to his name. Seems that when Bill was purchased, the breeder told them the bird was a female, so they named her “Belle”. During a routine health check, blood was drawn and a DNA test was performed. Low and behold Belle was really Bill.

This little mix up does not seem to affect Bill, and he is quite proud of his masculinity yet loves to cuddle and be scratched. He is adjusting quite well and ventured out and about to investigate his new surroundings. We are very happy to have Bill here with us and know he will be a great bird.

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