APR welcomes Frances to the flock

On Friday, Aug 23 we welcomed the latest rescue into our flock. Frances is a 25 year old Yellow-Headed Amazon of unknown gender. Her previous parents believe she is female, and to this point we agree. She comes to us from Brewton, Alabama which is about 3 hours away. They learned about the rescue from family members in the Birmingham area and knew it was the right place for her.

Frances has spent the last 10 years of her life kept in the cage. Her first owner passed away and the bird was given to his son. Both he and his wife were not ‘bird people’ but they tried to find Francis a good home. After not being able to find a suitable home for her, they resigned themselves to caring for her. That is, until they learned about Alabama Parrot Rescue. They contacted us and several weeks ago we made arrangements to meet Francis. At that time we agreed to take her into the rescue.

She arrived on Friday afternoon and spent the evening just acclimating to her new surroundings. On Saturday morning we gave her a bath and also did a basic wing and nail clipping for everyone’s safety. Frances spent the next two days exploring her new surroundings, including the outdoor aviary, several play areas and a few new friends. She has really begun to express herself, speaking very clearly and has started stepping up on command. Tonight she also came out of her cage on her own, sat on top of her cage and just watched everything that was happening around the room. She also is becoming very friendly with our other Yellow-Headed Amazon, Corky. The two seem to enjoy each others company.

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