Casteil AKA Angel Joins the Flock

Castiel/Angel is a 9 year old male Umbrella Cockatoo that recently developed some behavioral issues that were very concerning to his owners. Having been a sweet bird initially, he recently began biting both owners to the point that they had to keep him in the cage when their grandchildren came to visit, and had to keep their other pets caged when Castiel was out. Upon his arrival, we were happy to see that Castiel appeared to be a normal, healthy bird. His feathers were in great shape, he was well fed and groomed and had plenty of toys to play with. He was also on a very good diet, so we were really surprised that his disposition had turned so bad. We sat and talked with both owners for several hours and as much as they loved Castiel, they felt he would be better off in the hands of someone with a broader experience handling birds.

Over the past several years many of the rescue birds we have come across have had  issues that could be traced back to a poor diet, lack of socialization or stimulation, or other obvious causes. Castiel is very much the exception to that. He has a wonderfully large cage that was well stocked with a variety of toys. He was on a healthy diet. He had sufficient quality ‘out’ time yet he still chose to bite for reasons not clear to us. His previous owners thought there may be a bit of jealousy with one or both of their pet dogs. Both were small breed and should not have posed a threat to Castiel while in his cage, yet Castiel was overly aggressive to the dogs and both owners when they were together.

Castiel has only been with us for several hours, and is still getting used to the new surrounding and the rest of the flock, but has been very sedate while sitting with us. We may never know exactly what triggered Castiel’s change in disposition, but will be watching him closely for the next few weeks as he becomes more comfortable with us.

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