Footie Joins the Flock

Footie, a 10 year old Quaker Parrot has joined our flock here at Alabama Parrot Rescue.

Footie came to his most recent mom after the death of his prior caretakers. At that time he was five years old. His new mom already had Lovebirds and Finches and she knew the additional company would be good for him. When she received him he was already fully plucked on his chest and legs. Footie lived with her for an additional five years until both companion birds passed away.

This little guy has had kind of a tough life. Besides losing two sets of long term companions, early on in his life all of his talons were amputated, leaving him with short stubby feet and no ability to grasp things like a normal bird would. With the death of the previous owner, there was no explanation on how or why this happened. This was also the reason for his name.

Despite all this, Footie has adapted quite well. He can stand on his perch and balance without actually being able to grip on, and can climb the bars of his cage to get around. So far his disposition is that of a quiet, solitary bird. He accepts being touched through the cage and enjoys getting his beak stroked.

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