Full House and a pair of Too’s

This past week has been one of the busiest weeks Alabama Parrot rescues has ever had. We took in a total of three birds over two days. Yes, its definitely a full house, but we’re glad we could help rescue these guys.

Last Saturday we took in a Triton Cockatoo and a Blue Crowned Conure. Both birds came from the same family and were well taken care of. Then on Sunday we filled our last available spot with a Red Fronted Amazon who came to us from a woman with a serious health condition. Her doctor told her the bird just could not stay with her any longer, so she made the decision to surrender him to us.

The remainder of the week was spent making trips to the Vet for health exams, setting up and rearranging cages, toys and perches and getting everyone oriented to their new surroundings. Our efforts can now focus on trying to find new forever homes or foster families to assist with the care of these guys and gals.

Even as I write this, I’ve received another request for us to rescue two more birds! With space at such a premium around here, we will be looking for more volunteer foster families to step up and assist. If you have been following our Blog and want to foster a bird, or maybe you know someone who wants to foster, please contact us. We need your help!

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