About Us

Art and Steff Davis of Hoover love parrots, just about any type of parrot and they want to help people that can’t take care of the beautiful birds, for whatever reason.

The Davis’ have been involved in rescuing and care for the tropical birds since they lived in Florida. The couple moved here two years ago and settled in Hoover, due to a job relocation. They customized the interior of their home to make it suitable for caring for their flock. The parrots have their own room with several cages and special lighting on computerized dimmers to mimic sunlight. They built an aviary in the back yard for the birds to play on and get out in the fresh air.

Art & Steff relaxing with a couple friends.

Art & Steff relaxing with a couple friends.

“We just love the birds and wanted them around. Once people knew we loved parrots, they would call us about friends who couldn’t care for their birds anymore.” Art and Steff want to continue caring for parrots and helping people place parrots in good homes. They started Alabama Parrot Rescue this year. Art bought the couple’s first bird as a present for Steff. Both fell in love with “Turbo”, a Congo African Grey parrot. They bought the parrot at 3 months old  and he has learned to speak in Art’s voice. “It just grew from there”, Steff said while holding three parrots on their patio recently.

It turns out that African Greys are partial to one person and Turbo picked Steff as his mate. Thus began the quest to find a bird for Art. They adopted a White Fronted Amazon named Chiko. He was adorable and lovable to everyone except Turbo. Then they adopted a rescued bird to keep Chiko company and it all began. Next Bubba came into their lives. By word of mouth, it became known that Art was somewhat of a bird whisperer. People would ask them to adopt parrots that they could no longer handle or take care of. Ultimately, they ended up with 7 parrots to love.

Art and Steff have had as many as 15 birds in their home at times. Parrots are very social creatures and respond well to being around other people. They have taken many of the birds to schools, churches and other public ebvents, as well as outings at community parks to let the birds and people interact, which helps socialize the birds.

“The birds love it and we love sharing our parrots with other people”,  Steff explained. “It helps our birds become better social creatures and people are drawn to them. The parrots love to show off.” Two macaws, “Bubba” and “Chopper” like showing off for children by dancing  and spreading their wings on command. While living in Florida they would take the birds to the beach and to other parrot outings with fellow bird lovers.

Again the economy played a role in their future and they ended up here in Alabama. After getting settled in Birmingham, Art & Steff started to take the birds on regular outings in Alabama. They encountered Joe Songer from the Birmingham News who did a story on their efforts. After the story was published, they realized just how much of a need there was for a Parrot Rescue here in Alabama. At that time Alabama Parrot Rescue was launched to try to help other bird lovers with their problems. They are a family run rescue trying to enrich the lives of parrots that can no longer be cared for by previous owners.