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Michelle Copeland
9/29/2015 What an incredible rescue for birds! Art and Steph have the cleanest, most awesome set up I have ever seen. Every bird gets attention every day and they are so well taken care of. They all have extremely clean cages, and are fed an outstanding diet including fresh veggies and fruits. I am so happy to have found them because they have been extremely helpful. Please consider donation to this outstanding non-profit organization. It is amazing.
Sally Street
3/18/2015 These people are heaven sent. Only a bird person can understand the dedication and sacrifices they make for these little guy’s. I don’t know how they do it. I have trouble taking care of one bird. Lol.
Tiffany Foster
2/27/2015 Wonderful people who really understand all types of parrots and have large hearts to help everyone they can. They can also have tons of knowledge and experience with the wisdom on how to help parrots and parrot parents. 🙂
Sandra Goodson Allinson
2/07/2015 Art and Steff are wonderful folks and provide the highest quality of care for the birds as they await adoption into loving homes. They are truly dedicated to helping these intelligent, beautiful and often misunderstood animals find their perfect match. And, the birds are each so endearing with their individual personalities! ❤
Chrissy Ware
8/16/2014 Art & Steph, although “not feathered” are two of God’s Sweetest Angels! The love they exhibit to these Rescued Feathered Angels are amazing! I just LOVE them both! ❤
Steve Ramos
8/12/2014 Art and Steff are so generous with their time knowledge. I’ve learned so much from them in the past few months.
Kirk Collins
5/18/2014 Enjoyed meeting you all today! Look forward to future Parrots in the Park!! We got some good pointers on bird handling, cage problems, and socialization! These are great outings for new bird owners and curious individuals!
Kristy Day-Silliven
5/7/2014 ★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars
Ella Catherine Vining
3/8/2014 ★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars
Kathy Blackwell
2/17/2014 Wonderful experience. Parrots have lots of love and attention. Will refer anyone wanting to adopt or find a home for their parrot.
Cindy Ramsey Liles
11/20/2013 Love it. Art and Steff are saints with the way they handle the birds and find homes for them. They are wonderful people and very dedicated to what they do!! I would not hesitate getting a feathered friend from them. Keep up the good work Art and Steff!!
Charles Slade IV
11/14/2013 Someone’s off to a great start here. Let’s all watch this grow and it will.