Labor day at Tennehill State Park

Tannehill State Park was the destination for today’s outing. Live music and a Moon Pie eating contest were the primary attractions in selecting this location. The weather was a bit sketchy early in the day, with rain showers passing through even as we made our way to the park, however clear skies and moderate temperatures prevailed for the remainder of the afternoon.

On this trip we brought along Nitro, our Harlequin Macaw and Peanut, a recently rescued Umbrella Cockatoo. The park was full of people when we arrived and it didn’t take long for the kids to spot the birds. We met a bunch of families out for a fun day in the park. Both birds were very willing to allow everyone a chance to either pet or hold them. We spent several hours at the park, enjoyed the Moon Pie eating contest, live music and met a bunch of nice people.

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