New Horizons at UAB

New Horizons is a community group of men and women of retirement age that organizes lectures and other activities revolving around issues pertinent to the aging community as well as general interest topics.

Today, September 18, 2013, APR had the pleasure of speaking to this lovely group about our parrots. In attendance today were Turbo, the African Grey who entertained everyone with peek-a-boo and shaking “hands”. Steff brought along 2 of the macaws, Rufus, a Military and Bubba, a Blue & Gold to amaze everyone with their wonderful colorings and good manners. And lastly, she brought Peanut our Umbrella Cockatoo who demonstrated the neediness of this species. Peanut loves to cuddle and wanted the bulk of attention today. She even asked everyone if they “want to take a shower?”. Cockatoos are notorious for lots of dander.

Steff took about an hour to instruct everyone about the many parrot species including origins, care, feeding, tricks, grooming, life span and how very social these creatures are. She also explained that they are just like children when it comes to discipline, love and mentality.

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