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Over the past two weeks we have been busy adding material to our site. Today I wanted to let you know about several items that we feel are excellent resources to you as a bird owner. There are two new Library articles, and a new page.

The first is titled “What to do if your bird is poisoned”. The single most important item you’ll find is a toll free phone number to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center. We also discuss the typical materials your bird may come in contact with that constitute a medical emergency and some basic tips on dealing with the situation.

The second is a video that very clearly describes how to restrain and immobilize your bird if necessary. It is produced by the folks at and is an excellent demonstration of the technique you will need to know at some point.

We’ve also launched our Business Directory page, which lists contact information, phone numbers and addresses for the well respected Avian Vets in our area as well as Web Links to some of our favorite online shopping sites.

The final bit of new stuff is our new affiliation with, the producer of numerous bird training videos. If you haven’t already looked at or ordered any of their material, now is the time to do it. If you order via the links on our website, a portion of your purchase price is donated back to us to help feed and care for the birds. All of their products have become very polished, informative presentations, and they have minimized the ‘selling’ aspects in their presentation. We recently purchased their latest offering “One Day Miracles” and are working our way through all 12 segments (each about 30 minutes long). Take our word, its money well spent!

Look for the link at the bottom of every page.

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