Seed Diets are Bad

Did you know that feeding your Parrot a seed-only diet is not only wrong but life threatening as well? 

Although there are no toxic ingredients in a seed diet, they are still laden with fat and carbohydrates, and are the leading cause of health related problems in parrots. Including premature organ failure!

The high fat content in a seed only diet is the reason your parrot’s organs, such as the liver and kidneys, have to work harder to sift the fat out of your parrot’s blood stream. This eventually results in fatty liver disease, and kidney failure in thousands of parrots. You don’t want your Parrot to be one of those thousand, do you?

It is important  to understand which seeds are in fact healthy and which seeds are unhealthy. Too many Sunflower seeds, for example, can cause Fatty Liver Disease in most Parrots! A healthy alternative is Safflower Seeds instead, but only in limited quantities.

Did you know how harmful improper nutrition can be for your Parrot? 

A Parrot who is receiving poor nutrition might show the following signs:

  • Feather Plucking
  • Overgrown Beak
  • Blindness or other eye disease
  • Epileptic Seizures (Frequently found in African Greys and Cockatoos)
  • Immune Deficiency

Parrot Biting can also be diminished by making sure that your Parrot has the proper nutrition. A parrot on a seed only diet, or not receiving the proper amount of vitamins and nutrients, can become very irritable .Irritability in turn, promotes biting.

Did you know that those colorful seeds and pellets in some pet store Parrot food mixes are actually hazardous to your Parrot’s health?

Why you may ask? Because the manufacturers use Sugar Filled Food Coloring!! When you come right down to it you are overdosing your Parrot on Sugar. You wouldn’t give a three year old child a bowl of sugar would you? Then why give your Parrot pellets and seeds that have been dyed using sugared food coloring?

Do you know which vegetables, fruits and other foods should never be a part of any parrot’s diet? 

For example, Apples are great for any Parrot, but their seeds contain trace elements of Cyanide. Yes, Cyanide, as in POISON! Never feed your Parrot Apple seeds!

Fresh fruits are always a good choice to feed your Parrot. However, fruit spoils more quickly than any other type of food, so you will have to remove any uneaten food from your Parrots bowl as soon as possible to prevent spoilage.

Fresh vegetables are also a perfect supplement to your bird’s diet. But be careful! Not all vegetables are equally healthy though. Vegetables such as lettuce and celery are quite high in fiber and water but are otherwise not all that nutritious. Dark yellow and leafy green vegetables are usually excellent choices though.

Never feed your parrot avocado or rhubarb! Similarly, never allow your Parrot to sip any of your drinks containing caffeine or alcohol or to nibble on your piece of chocolate either. Try to avoid feeding your Parrot any processed meats or other foods high in nitrates, nitrites, sulfites, or monosodium glutamate (MSG). Onions, sprouted Lima, Fava and Navy Beans, and most fruit pits should also be avoided.

Just as we try to stay away from junk food, we should not feed our Parrots any type of junk food as it is usually very high in fat, salt, and sugar. Birds are also lactose intolerant so milk products should be limited to only very small amounts of hard cheese and yogurt, as an occasional treat.

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