Without the support of the parrot community, APR could not afford to operate. You can help by donating new, unneeded items to our rescue. The items we are most in need of includes:

  • Bird Food Pellets – Unopened bags of Harrison’s, Roudybush, All-Natural Zupreem, or Organic Kaytee
  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (organic preferred, no avocados)
  • Raw Nuts – Unsalted, shelled or unshelled.
  • Bird and Parrot Toys – either commercial or home made.
  • Java or Manzita Perches (all sizes)
  • Rope or Concrete Perches (all sizes)
  • Paper Towels (select-a-size is best)
  • Disinfecting Wipes (such as: Lysol, Clorox)
  • Disposable Underpads (Cage tray liners)
  • Large Blankets or Flat Sheets (preferably dark colors)
  • Bath Towels – Any size, neutral colors, no prints or stripes.
  • Carriers and Cages – Cleaned, any size in usable condition
  • Monetary Donations – Any Amount
  • Gift Cards – Local or Online Stores (such as: PetSmart, Petco, Drs. Foster and Smith, My Safe Bird Store, etc)
  • Volunteers!!