Thankful I’m a Parrot at Thanksgiving

We, the parrots of Alabama Parrot Rescue are very thankful at this time of the year for a Mom & Dad who love us all very much. We are also thankful to all the wonderful & generous people who have helped us rescue all of our new parrot friends, and by their contributions to our rescue so that more of us parrots can live a long happy life here in paradise.

Every donation of cages, toys, food and time, no matter how small is very appreciated. We would like to recognize the following people:

  • Joe Songer from the Birmingham News for taking the interest in our rescue to do an article in the paper. Without his help, none of this would have happened.
  • Jodie H from Friends of Cats and Dogs in Vestavia.
  • Ron in Birmingham for his help and advice in obtaining our 501(c)3 status.
  • Jay T in Birmingham.
  • Donna O’B in Hoover.
  • Carole D in Birmingham.
  • Cindy & Vance L in Tuscaloosa.
  • Jay & Frances C in Montgomery.
  • Melly J in Ashville.
  • Sally S in Pelham.
  • Suzanne & Mike McD in Leeds.
  • Jack & Lucy H in Brewton.
  • New horizons Lecture Forum @ UAB.
  • Juanita C and her daughter in Pell City.
  • Pam O-K in Chalksville.
  • Jessica S & Derek in Huntsville.
  • Bonnie D & Tanya K in Fayette County.
  • Carol & Rusty C in Pinson.
  • Laura & Mark P in Hoover.

In addition, we like to thank all these great people who have volunteered time and services to make our lives better:
Neal S, Terri V, Hossein D, Meghan O, Sandra A, Anastasia N, Steve R, Sarah B, Denise, Jan J, June V, Keith B, Jennifer S, Pamela, Sam O, and especially Cody H., our resident bird sitter.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Turbo, Bubba, Rufus, Sami, Phebe, Chopper, Nitro & friends

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