Our Adoption Process

It has become necessary to list the ground rules by which we operate. Please take the time to read the following before submitting an application.

  1. Our number one priority is the birds we are charged with caring for.
  2. Yes, we do charge a fee to adopt a bird.  If you are looking for a free bird, please look elsewhere as birds are not free nor are they inexpensive to keep as companions. A detailed explanation is available HERE.
  3. No, we do not ship our birds! Please don’t call us and ask us to do this.  We won’t ship our birds as this is highly stressful for the bird and very costly. Also, we must perform a home inspection.  Further, you must meet the bird prior to our decision to adopt to you.  This way we know the bird will like you and you will like the bird. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.
  4. Due to many of the problems we have found, and the costs involved, we will not place a bird in a foster home outside our geographic region.  Also, since we are required to perform a home inspection, we must now limit our distance to travel (generally a two hour radius from our location). We will allow out-of-state adoptions, but you MUST meet all the requirements listed below. (See #6)
  5. If you have been approved to adopt and you currently have birds, all of your birds must have a verifiable clean bill of health by a certified Avian Vetrinarian or we will NOT adopt a bird to you.
  6. We do not allow same day adoptions – a minimum of 2 visits are required to ensure an optimal match as well as one visit with the parrot and an APR representative in your home.
  7. Questions about specific birds will only be answered once we have received a completed application.
  8. Parrots are not gifts. Any application that infers that the bird will not be living in the home of the applicant will be dismissed without exception.
  9. We require a follow-up visit in your home with the parrot within 90 days of the adoption from APR.

How long will the application process take? That depends. We are a small, all-volunteer organization that work full-time jobs outside of the rescue in order to support the rescue.  Please be patient with us. Each application will be carefully reviewed and given the utmost consideration it deserves, just as our birds do.

Your role

  1. Complete an online application HERE
  2. Contact us via email to schedule an appointment. info@alabamaparrotrescue.org
  3. Complete our online training course ‘Birdy Boot Camp’. We will send a link once your application is approved.
  4. Get approved for the bird of your dreams by our Staff.
  5. Take your bird home with you.