Surrender a Bird

Everyone at Alabama Parrot Rescue understands how difficult it is to surrender a bird.

Please read and follow all the instructions below and then thoroughly complete our paperwork (below). This enables us to learn as much as possible about the parrot you are surrendering, thereby making the transition easier and less stressful for all involved (you, the parrot, our volunteers and other parrots at APR).

Surrendered birds must have the potential to be re-homed as Alabama Parrot Rescue does not have the space or availability to take in sanctuary birds at this time.

Surrendering your bird with its cage, toys, food, supplies and accessories will also ease the transition process for your bird.

The paperwork is to be completed by someone at least 18 years old. Please answer all the questions to the best of your knowledge.  If you have any questions, please email us at


OPTION 1 – SURRENDER your parrot to APR

APR will take in and assume full responsibility for your bird. In order to ensure the health and safety of all the birds in APR’s care, a complete medical history must be provided along with the submission of these forms.

Within 2 weeks of receiving the completed application, a representative from Alabama Parrot Rescue will be in touch to answer all questions and discuss the surrender process and requirements with you. Birds are accepted on a space-available basis which may result in a wait-listed time period. Although we specialize in re-homing larger parrots, all birds will be considered for surrender on a space available basis.

Please note: Completing an application does not ensure that Alabama Parrot Rescue will be able to accept your bird. All surrenders are based on capacity, availability of records, species and at the sole discretion of Alabama Parrot Rescue.

  • Download Surrender Contract
  • Download History Form – Complete History Form Online

OPTION 2 – APR will help you PLACE your parrot in a new home

Your parrot will stay in your home. With the completion of the paperwork and a small donation, APR will advertise, screen applicants, check references and send adopters to you. Veterinary checks are at your and the adopter’s discretion.

APR will make no claims or assumptions to the health of your bird. This allows APR to not only assist you, but frees up a space for another bird who needs to come into the rescue urgently.