Vestavia First Graders get an Amazon Experience

On Thursday, August 22, Alabama Parrot Rescue visited a class of first graders at a local Vestavia school. The kids had just started learning about the Amazon jungle, and their teacher asked us if we would bring a couple of birds native to that region to the school.

For this outing, we brought along two of our larger birds and our best talker. Bubba is a Blue & Gold Macaw and Rufus is a Military Macaw. Both of theses birds are native to South America and may be found in the Amazon jungle.

Although not native to the Amazon, we did bring along Turbo, one of our African Grey Parrots as well. He entertained the kids with his version of Peek-a-boo and gave ‘Foot shakes’ to all the kids brave enough to give it a try. Each of the children received a flyer with information about the rescue and a parrot for them to color in as well as a real feather. With 39 children in attendance and sweltering temperatures, everyone did a great job.

Later that evening, we received an e-mail back from the teacher who said the kids couldn’t stop talking about how much fun they had. We were very happy to be able to bring some real live birds into their studies of the Amazon jungle.

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